Posted On: June 27, 2019

Whether you are moving to a new home in Charlotte, to a nearby town, or out of state, the process can be complex and quite intimidating, especially as the moving date gets closer. With a bit of planning and help from our team at NetMOVE, you can make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible. Simply follow the tips in this guide to help you stay organized and prepare for moving day.

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One Month Before Moving

As soon as you know that you will be moving, it is important to start preparing, from inventorying your possessions to obtaining boxes and starting to pack. Once you are a month away from the moving date, you should start the most crucial preparations, such as:

  • Reserving your moving truck, if not already done
  • Filling out an address change form for each family member
  • Updating your address with the IRS, Social Security, your employer, and other agencies
  • Updating your address for magazine subscriptions, utilities, and other services
  • Transferring memberships in churches, clubs, and other organizations
  • Transferring your bank account or setting one up in your new location
  • Obtaining medical, dental, and other health records for your new providers
  • Inventorying belongings before they are packed for insurance purposes
  • Sorting belongings and donating or disposing of unnecessary items
  • Using up food, toiletries, and other perishables
  • Researching laws and regulations in the new location for businesses, driver’s licenses, and vehicle registrations
  • Making arrangements for pet transportation
  • Reserving a storage space if any items will be stored long-term

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One to Two Weeks Before the Move

With the bulk of the packing and preparation done, the last week or two will be dedicated to the final details of the move, from transferring utilities to confirming reservations and sorting all the last-minute requirements. The most important steps include:

  • Scheduling the transfer of electric, cable, phone, internet, newspaper, and waste disposal services to the new home
  • Arranging for last-minute packing and sorting help on moving day
  • Confirming any necessary travel arrangements, such as plane tickets, hotels, or rental cars
  • Arranging parking for the moving truck, elevator access, and other logistics
  • Cleaning and packing clothing, bedding, rugs, and linens
  • Cleaning appliances and defrosting the fridge and freezer
  • Closing local bank accounts, transferring funds, and ensuring no outstanding matters remain
  • Collecting and inventorying jewelry, valuables, and important documents
  • Updating and backing up your computer and electronic devices
  • Checking with your insurance provider to ensure you are properly covered for the move

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On Moving Day

Once the big day arrives, you will need to complete all final preparations, including:

  • Checking closets, basements, and attics to make sure everything is packed
  • Organizing important documents and valuables for travel
  • Making final arrangements for pets and children
  • Packing clothes and food for the trip
  • Monitoring the packing and moving process

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With our team at NetMOVE, we make the moving process easy. Our friendly, hardworking personnel will make sure everything is packed safely and securely on the truck for transport, and we will carefully unload everything once we arrive at your new home.

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